No Hydrants Were Hurdled Today

But I did go for a 47 mile bike ride.

I packed up my jersey, purchased when I was considering doing Salt to Saint as an employee of the featured company.

And off I went. My throat started to get dry at 1.5 miles, so I went to take a drink, and realized I forgot my water. And my sunglasses again. So home, and back on the road again. I took Winchester to get to the Jordan River Trail system, which meant a fast, steep, downhill, followed by a, “I’m close enough to my parents’ house; I should stop by real quick.”

Along the JRT system, in the South end of the valley, I saw two mule deer, a red bellied bird, some lizards, and of course a lot of other birds and waterfowl.

I also rode past the location of one of my first scout camp outs. The Jordan Narrows. My first “snipe hunt” (after which I learned there is such a bird as a snipe, it just isn’t as described). But it’s fallen victim to progress. It’s now used for gravel or sand or something.

I was planning to ride 55 miles, and as I reached the half way point, I was only 7 miles from the Utah Lake Inlet, so I decided to make it to the lake. When I got there, I was beat, and out of fluid. I also clearly didn’t have enough daylight to make it home.

Utah Lake, primary source of the Jordan River

I made a call, and arranged to just keep riding south, after I replenished my fluids at a store, and my sweeper would pick me up however far south I got, with a 30 minute delay before leaving to get me. They only waited 15 minutes, which was fine because my quads were killing me. I went to Maverick and bought some Gatorade and water. As I stopped to put it in my bike bottles, some guy, who kind of looked like a coworker of mine, and was dressed up for the evening, gave me a look that seemed to me like “what are you doing here,” but probably because I thought he looked like my coworker.

Now that I was on the open road, instead of the trails, I was able to get some speed and keep it. My fastest mile was not the one where I almost hit 40 mph downhill in Taylorsville / Murray. It was along the west side of the lake, at just over 20 mph.

Green = bike ride, blue = car ride home via an Iron Strong at Roxbury.

Not Catching Up

So, I took screenshots of many workouts, but never blogged about them. There was an eight mile run in Saint George on April 9th, with a killer uphill, and a couple of downhills so steep I couldn’t really take advantage of them or I’d kill my knees. I did half of one backwards, and part of the other using an S-weave.

There was a hill workout on April 19th that was up and down five times, with my fastest pace uphill. It really helped the pace of my next run.

On May 1st, there was a six mile run, split between city roads, trail running, country ranch roads, and open highway (with a fair bit of uphill there as well).

Today, I finally did it. I achieved a sub-10:00 average pace!

I even beat my fastest pace recorded on my phone, at 4:41 min/mile during my post-run “speed test”.

And with this achievement, I will stop blogging every run (or trying to).

Into the Wind

Nothing remarkable about today’s run, except that it wasn’t as awful running into the wind as I was expecting it to be. But also, my quads were still stiff from Saturday’s run. Apparently I needed to stretch them more. It affected my hydrant hurdling. I started off as a rabbit again:

My playlist was actually pretty good. I think I should repeat it on my next run, and go the reverse direction.

First 6 Mile Run in a Long Time

And I was really hoping the park would have drinking fountains and restrooms available. I get that people are still panicked about coronavirus, but at least let me evacuate at the restroom.

I didn’t go as fast downhill as I had hoped I would get, but I think the song wasn’t helping as much as I would have liked (well, it was a lot of the end of a song, and a slow start to the next, so that didn’t help either).

My head got too hot around 1.5 miles, so I tied my shirt over it.

My under layer shirt however was black, and the temperature was in the mid 70’s, and I got too hot, and was getting dehydrated, and needed to go pee by the time I reached 2.75 miles. No worries, there’s a park at the intersection where I’m going to turn around. But no, the restrooms were “Closed for the season” (um, winter’s over, dudes). And the drinking fountain was capped off with PVC. So I rested in the shade of the restroom until my temperature cooled down, and slowly made my way back home.

My playlist was kind of crappy, and there’s not much point in saying anything about it. I had to skip a lot, re-arrange a lot. Not much good info for creating future playlists.

Keep Getting Faster

Before I started my run, I took some time to enjoy the daffodils.

My average pace was about five seconds per mile faster than last time. My pace uphill was faster than my average (silly rabbit).

Playlist, with some modifications, was pretty decent. I did re-arrange Bells and Horns to be where it is because I wanted something I knew was fast as I hit the downhill. The timing was almost perfect. I hit the drums right about when I hit the downhill crest.

2021-03-31 Best Average Pace Yet of 2021

I had my best yet average pace, going the reverse of my usual direction. I didn’t feel as week and exhausted going up the hill that direction as I have the past few times. I was still pretty slow going up, but not so exhausted that I couldn’t take good advantage of the hill going back down after rounding the corner.

My playlist was decent; Anyone Else by The Real McKenzies, Vertigo by U2, and No Pockets in a Shroud by The Rumjacks were great to end on. I had to skip Lo/Hi because it felt too much like the previous song, and I needed a faster pace.

Fastest Pace Ever! (Well, that my phone knows about)

My phone told me, when I finished my run, that I had a new speed record! Truthfully, I finished my 4 mile run, and had a bit of a walking cool down, before doing a speed test in the park, as I’ve been tending to do when I finish my run in the park. The place I do my speed test goes from slightly uphill, around the corner, to even more uphill, but still only slightly so. On my speed test today I managed to achieve, for a very brief time, a 4’46” pace. The fastest mile I’ve ever run was about 4’45” back in my senior year of high school. Now I just need to keep this pace up for a mile. 🙂

Anyone Else, Vertigo, No Pockets in a Shroud were all good songs for end of run. I didn’t know if Weightless would be, so most of my speed test was with Blue Sky Mine, though I started it on No Pockets in a Shroud.

Sub Eleven

Today I hit a milestone. Not a big one, but an important one. My first 3 mile run since I started again where my average was below 11 minutes per mile: 10’49”. I also had my fastest pace going uphill.

I struggled with the playlist though, and starting with “With or Without You” had to skip a bunch of stuff to find the right tempos.

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything proved to be decent for my last push (but not long enough, so I skipped to Holding Down A D at the end).

4 miles not 3

I decided I it was time to increase my weekday mileage. I ran to Redwood and 5400 S today. It’s kind of nice with a long gentle downhill to Redwood. But that same gentle downhill becomes a very long gradual uphill on the way back.

I found some new songs, Pedestrian and Dopamine. Generally was a good playlist, but I did have to remove some songs that were too slow.

Half Miles

I’m behind again. I went on a weekend getaway, and then didn’t run my normal days due to weather or work.

The 19th of March I went on a 20.69 mile bike ride. Coach Mostert allowed us to count half miles for bike rides, as long as we weren’t doing a lot of coasting. Going out was a lot of uphill; going back I had to coast to keep from losing my jewels with the rough roads and the saddle soreness and my gut being too big. But even if I only count half of the miles as peddling instead of coasting, and then half of that for the mileage, because of the route that I took that’s more than a 5 mile run. My fastest speed was 36.2 mph.