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Flood or famine?

“Wait,” you say, “I thought the saying was ‘feast or famine’?”  And you’d be right to think that.  But after the famine of no running last week while on vacation (I did get in some short hikes), I went for a short 3-mile run last night.  And the storm I thought I had missed as I ran in the drizzle lingered until I had less than a mile to go. Obviously I survived what happened next…


Fartlek, Heat, and Technology

While running the 5K on Saturday, I realized I’ve been going too easy on myself during my runs.  So today I decided to do a fartlek run.  Running solo, I figured it would be good to create a playlist to assist with the workout.  I included songs with varying tempos, both internal to the songs and between the songs.  Gina by Blues Traveler is crazy fast.  Antarctica by Midnight Oil doesn’t speed up as much at the end as I thought it did as a teen, but it should still work.  Mary Mac, all three versions, performed by Carbon Leaf, speeds up through the song instead of jumping from slow to fast, so if I’m not careful, I’ll miss when I need to go faster.  Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers (Oils) works surprisingly well.  Bells and Horns in the Back of Beyond (Oils) works well, as does Lucky Country (Oils).  Summer Song (CL) doesn’t work as well at the end, unless it’s downhill.  There’s a few I didn’t get to tonight; perhaps by the weekend I’ll have refined the playlist.
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First 5K of the Season

Woot! I received a medal. My first since I was seventeen.  It was the “Fly With the Flock” 5K at the Ogden Nature Center.

third place medal 2013-05-11 12.07.42

I came in 30th overall, and 3rd in my age division (3rd out of 19).  My playlist started with “Beautiful Day” by U2, but I added “Donnybrook Affair” by Carbon Leaf in front, to listen to while waiting for the race to start.  But then I wanted to listen to it while waiting for the crowd to thin so I could go faster.  I finished my playlist with “Lucky Country” by Midnight Oil followed by “Merry Mac” performed by Carbon Leaf.  Just before my name was read for me to claim my medal, a Coldplay song came to mind: “You might be a big fish, in a little pond, doesn’t mean you’ve won, ’cause along may come a bigger one”.  The second place finisher was 7.5 minutes ahead of me.

The course was fairly flat, mostly on dirt trails through the nature center, with a few ups and downs to be expected when trail running, but the total elevation gain/loss was probably no more than 10 feet.  It was a two lap course, and it was also a long course.  My Garmin Forerunner 305 reported 3.24 miles, while RunKeeper on my Samsung Galaxy SIII reported 3.33 miles (which was a bit unusual, as my Garmin usually reports a longer distance than RunKeeper).  My Garmin had my pace at 9:01/mi and RunKeeper had me at 8:51/mi.

Gross runner stuff ahead! (and some pics from the nature center)

Cliff Diving and Ghostbusters

I thought I’d get a little cliff diving in on my run tonight. According to my GPS data, I ran up a steep hill, a little after thirteen minutes in, and promptly fell off a 55 foot cliff.  On my return trip (wait… I survived the fall without a trip to the ER?) the landscape apparently shifted and I ran up another steep hill, and fell off of a 60+ foot cliff.


I’d blame it on some electronic interference and Garmin making FCC-compliant devices, but then I captured a sky-bowling cousin of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man, so his bowling must have been the cause: each strike probably threw the earth out of orbit for a little bit.

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