Flood or famine?

“Wait,” you say, “I thought the saying was ‘feast or famine’?”  And you’d be right to think that.  But after the famine of no running last week while on vacation (I did get in some short hikes), I went for a short 3-mile run last night.  And the storm I thought I had missed as I ran in the drizzle lingered until I had less than a mile to go. As Midnight Oil’s Lucky Country ended and REO Speedwagon’s Riding the Storm Out began, the drizzle quickened its pace: it transformed to rain, then to downpour.  Finally the skies unleashed the hungry torrent:

Flooded gutter Drenched

Said torrent consumed the gutters and tried to consume me and my phone when I paused to gather evidence of its overflowing appetite.

Note that the videos linked to are not necessarily the versions on my playlist, but they are representative of them.  And I love how WordPress is suggesting I link to articles about famine in Ethiopia or the Irish Potato Famine, etc., when all I did was twist a cliche. And of course by mentioning this, the suggestion just gets stronger.


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