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Fastest Pace Ever! (Well, that my phone knows about)

My phone told me, when I finished my run, that I had a new speed record! Truthfully, I finished my 4 mile run, and had a bit of a walking cool down, before doing a speed test in the park, as I’ve been tending to do when I finish my run in the park. The place I do my speed test goes from slightly uphill, around the corner, to even more uphill, but still only slightly so. On my speed test today I managed to achieve, for a very brief time, a 4’46” pace. The fastest mile I’ve ever run was about 4’45” back in my senior year of high school. Now I just need to keep this pace up for a mile. 🙂

Anyone Else, Vertigo, No Pockets in a Shroud were all good songs for end of run. I didn’t know if Weightless would be, so most of my speed test was with Blue Sky Mine, though I started it on No Pockets in a Shroud.


Sub Eleven

Today I hit a milestone. Not a big one, but an important one. My first 3 mile run since I started again where my average was below 11 minutes per mile: 10’49”. I also had my fastest pace going uphill.

I struggled with the playlist though, and starting with “With or Without You” had to skip a bunch of stuff to find the right tempos.

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything proved to be decent for my last push (but not long enough, so I skipped to Holding Down A D at the end).

4 miles not 3

I decided I it was time to increase my weekday mileage. I ran to Redwood and 5400 S today. It’s kind of nice with a long gentle downhill to Redwood. But that same gentle downhill becomes a very long gradual uphill on the way back.

I found some new songs, Pedestrian and Dopamine. Generally was a good playlist, but I did have to remove some songs that were too slow.

Half Miles

I’m behind again. I went on a weekend getaway, and then didn’t run my normal days due to weather or work.

The 19th of March I went on a 20.69 mile bike ride. Coach Mostert allowed us to count half miles for bike rides, as long as we weren’t doing a lot of coasting. Going out was a lot of uphill; going back I had to coast to keep from losing my jewels with the rough roads and the saddle soreness and my gut being too big. But even if I only count half of the miles as peddling instead of coasting, and then half of that for the mileage, because of the route that I took that’s more than a 5 mile run. My fastest speed was 36.2 mph.


Today I ran the route I’ve been running the most as my 3 mile route in reverse. Well, and I ran across the street and back for more sunlight. My overall average wasn’t my best, but I’m pleased with my third mile (hill-aided) being as fast as it was, and finishing with a strong pace.

I forgot what a great song Stand is by Blues Traveler! I didn’t run to it; it was part of my cool-down. But it is definitely going on my fartlek playlist. Most of the last 0.8 miles was on Lake of Silver Bells (but not the full 10 minutes, since it’s a live track and half of that is stage banter, or maybe one of the times they came out into the crowd and played unplugged, IDK, I skipped to Read About It because I was almost done and needed more motivation to keep pushing).

Caught Up

Still being brief. Monday 15 March 2021 I had my fastest average pace of the year thus far.

Also kind of cool was the fact that my fastest pace on that run was the pace I ran my first-ever mile race at.

It was downhill, and the music was also an aid; but I wasn’t trying hard to push the pace. I think I hit Candy later than I meant to, but it was during the part where I weave in and out of obstacles, so it was good timing for fun lyrics.

Continuity #2

Still being brief. I went for my longest run since June 2017 on Saturday March 13th. I blame my 5 second slowdown over the last time I ran down that hill on all the cold-weather bulk I was wearing.

My pace after going back up the hill, and down the next, was also pretty good. At first I was lagging a bit, but then Candy by Presidents of the United States was playing, and it got to the funniest part of the song, which also picks up in tempo for a bit, but the humor made me pick up the pace first. I need to add that to my fartlek playlist.

I was pleased with my strong finish for having gone 5 miles.

As I said, Candy was great, but the “special extended version” of Beds was not great for the downhill, so I swapped to Sometimes, then back. Sometimes was better, though not the best for the downhill.


I haven’t posted after my last couple of runs. I’ll be brief, because there’s other things I want to get to tonight.

Monday 08 March: had a sub-11 minute mile, aided by a hill of course. But look at that 6’58” / mi pace. It was uphill.

Wednesday March 10: Mostly flat, but a small downhill where I got that 7’12”. Oh, wait. I was past the downhill by that point. It was while listening to Give It Back or In The Mood (which I was surprised at how good a song that is for running).

Pineapples to Blackberries

That’s what I said comparing today’s run (well, it’s now early Saturday instead of Friday, but whatever) to Wednesday’s run would be like. I intended to do another 3 mile run, the same course, so I could have three runs in a row to compare, hoping to have a sub-11:00/mi pace today. But when I got to the top of the first hill, my body and my brain were both in agreement: I should cross the intersection and go up the next hill. So, it became a 4 mile run instead. Only problem was the app I’m using, if you’ve set a distance target, once you hit that target, it stops telling or displaying how far you’ve gone. It just displays that you have 0.0 miles to go. So I ended up stopping the official run at 3.92 miles, though I did cover enough in cool down to get 4.

When I got to the top of the next hill, and as I approached the traffic light, my belly, my lungs, and my quads were in agreement: I should head east at the light, get to my halfway point and turn around. That would prevent me from having to run down the other side of the hill, and then back up it. My brain though, it said, “Hey, as long as you give me the right song when we get to the intersection, I’m there!”

I’m still fast when sufficiently motivated by the right tune. Oh, and gravity.

I was basically trying to do a fartlek workout that became a hill workout as well, so this playlist is a pretty decent one for fartlek. Surfing With A Spoon was better for the uphill than I thought it would be. The end of Home was playing as I went 5:05; it was pretty decent for the pace. The only issue was I was at the end of the song, and there’s a bit of live outtro that didn’t help me keep up the pace. It was okay though. My body didn’t really want to keep it up much longer. I then reached 2 miles and turned around to go back up the hill.

After I was back on the relatively flat crest of the big second hill, I hit the lead up to the repeated but unanswered question, “Is It Now?”. I wasn’t intending to run fast, but that became the spike after the big spike in the middle.

As I approached the downhill of the second hill, I was listening to Summer Song, but was going to run out of fast tempo, so I switched it back to Is It Now? and got that third spike, at a 6:02 pace.

Summer Sessions Eye was a decent song for finishing out the downhill of the first hill. I feel like Impossible Shame would have been great for more fartlek if I had realized I wasn’t at 4 miles yet. The last two were cool down, but would have been good for fartlek as well.