Fastest Pace Ever! (Well, that my phone knows about)

My phone told me, when I finished my run, that I had a new speed record! Truthfully, I finished my 4 mile run, and had a bit of a walking cool down, before doing a speed test in the park, as I’ve been tending to do when I finish my run in the park. The place I do my speed test goes from slightly uphill, around the corner, to even more uphill, but still only slightly so. On my speed test today I managed to achieve, for a very brief time, a 4’46” pace. The fastest mile I’ve ever run was about 4’45” back in my senior year of high school. Now I just need to keep this pace up for a mile. 🙂

Anyone Else, Vertigo, No Pockets in a Shroud were all good songs for end of run. I didn’t know if Weightless would be, so most of my speed test was with Blue Sky Mine, though I started it on No Pockets in a Shroud.


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