Monthly Archives: April 2021

Into the Wind

Nothing remarkable about today’s run, except that it wasn’t as awful running into the wind as I was expecting it to be. But also, my quads were still stiff from Saturday’s run. Apparently I needed to stretch them more. It affected my hydrant hurdling. I started off as a rabbit again:

My playlist was actually pretty good. I think I should repeat it on my next run, and go the reverse direction.


First 6 Mile Run in a Long Time

And I was really hoping the park would have drinking fountains and restrooms available. I get that people are still panicked about coronavirus, but at least let me evacuate at the restroom.

I didn’t go as fast downhill as I had hoped I would get, but I think the song wasn’t helping as much as I would have liked (well, it was a lot of the end of a song, and a slow start to the next, so that didn’t help either).

My head got too hot around 1.5 miles, so I tied my shirt over it.

My under layer shirt however was black, and the temperature was in the mid 70’s, and I got too hot, and was getting dehydrated, and needed to go pee by the time I reached 2.75 miles. No worries, there’s a park at the intersection where I’m going to turn around. But no, the restrooms were “Closed for the season” (um, winter’s over, dudes). And the drinking fountain was capped off with PVC. So I rested in the shade of the restroom until my temperature cooled down, and slowly made my way back home.

My playlist was kind of crappy, and there’s not much point in saying anything about it. I had to skip a lot, re-arrange a lot. Not much good info for creating future playlists.

Keep Getting Faster

Before I started my run, I took some time to enjoy the daffodils.

My average pace was about five seconds per mile faster than last time. My pace uphill was faster than my average (silly rabbit).

Playlist, with some modifications, was pretty decent. I did re-arrange Bells and Horns to be where it is because I wanted something I knew was fast as I hit the downhill. The timing was almost perfect. I hit the drums right about when I hit the downhill crest.

2021-03-31 Best Average Pace Yet of 2021

I had my best yet average pace, going the reverse of my usual direction. I didn’t feel as week and exhausted going up the hill that direction as I have the past few times. I was still pretty slow going up, but not so exhausted that I couldn’t take good advantage of the hill going back down after rounding the corner.

My playlist was decent; Anyone Else by The Real McKenzies, Vertigo by U2, and No Pockets in a Shroud by The Rumjacks were great to end on. I had to skip Lo/Hi because it felt too much like the previous song, and I needed a faster pace.