Continuity #2

Still being brief. I went for my longest run since June 2017 on Saturday March 13th. I blame my 5 second slowdown over the last time I ran down that hill on all the cold-weather bulk I was wearing.

My pace after going back up the hill, and down the next, was also pretty good. At first I was lagging a bit, but then Candy by Presidents of the United States was playing, and it got to the funniest part of the song, which also picks up in tempo for a bit, but the humor made me pick up the pace first. I need to add that to my fartlek playlist.

I was pleased with my strong finish for having gone 5 miles.

As I said, Candy was great, but the “special extended version” of Beds was not great for the downhill, so I swapped to Sometimes, then back. Sometimes was better, though not the best for the downhill.


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