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Deliberately Foolish Run

I ran 10 miles today (20 March 2014), for the first time since high school. And without having run since the end of November or very early December. Well, I guess I only ran the first 8.3 miles or so; after that I was going so slow on account of my quads tightening up too much that I started walking because it would be faster.

I set out to do a long run, thinking 6 or 7 miles. But before I had even hit 2 miles, I had decided I was going to do 10, knowing full well that it was folly. I’ll probably write a poem about it, but right now I’ve got to get some sleep, as my muscles need to recover.

Update: the poem is “On the Transmogrification of Pain


This post has absolutely nothing to do with running, but a lot to do with running. Running away. Running toward. Running in circles. Have you ever overheard only part of a conversation, that you knew somehow involved you, but you didn’t hear enough to fully grasp the meaning or intent?


September (Photo credit: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi)

Yeah, I’ve been there. It happened at least as recently as early September. I finally figured that one out. But sometimes what happens is you say something online, and a benign stalker reads it, and recognizes themselves in it, but misunderstands the meaning or intent.

Or perhaps what was written was poetic in nature, and though the words were grounded in reality, they took flight, so that the overall meaning of the writing is not congruent with the reality from which they sprang. Yet, people associated with that reality may read it, recognize the beginnings, and not see the words flying in the sky, but perceive them as being no higher than their eyes.


Stalking (Photo credit: BigTallGuy)

And thus begins the circle: they start behaving differently because of what they’ve read, and you can tell, and based on the behavior change, you know what they’ve read, but you’re not supposed to know that they’re benignly stalking you, so you can’t mention it, but if you write about it in the same forum as the original writing, you may just strip the wings of those words in their eyes, so you can’t write about it. So instead you post about it on a running blog instead of a writing blog.

So, apologies to anyone who may actually be following this blog for this cathartic post. Which, judging by the stats, I’m the only one whose rods have picked up electromagnetic emissions conveying my words in several months.

Complete spectrum of electromagnetic radiation...

Complete spectrum of electromagnetic radiation with the visible portion highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But if you’re a benign stalker, know that I love you dearly, and always assume the best!