SOJO Glow Run

I ran my second 5K of the year tonight: the South Jordan Glow Run. My thoughts:

The Course

As a race course, it’s pretty horrible. It started at Mulligans, and headed south along the Jordan River Parkway to the 10600 S underpass, making for a choke point within less than a tenth of a mile. Granted, we used to have a choke point on the Murray High School course right near the start, but it was in a park, where there was plenty of room before the choke point, and plenty of room after, and one could run around the trees that made the choke point if one felt inclined.
Race Results

On the SOJO Glow Run, the course before the choke point is narrow. The course after is narrow. The choke point extends for a significant distance, and going around to the left means running into a concrete barrier, or jumping into a filthy river. And to the right? To the right is another concrete barrier, or one could try running along the underpass infrastructure. Since there were hundreds of people, not two or three teams of seven, even after the choke point it was hard to start running.

I get the feeling this is where SOJO does all their 5K/10K races. (Update: I have since learned that is not true.) Logistically, it’s cheap and convenient: no need for traffic control, little need for course setup, and it’s more scenic than a lot of other road races. If it is though, I’m not sure I’ll run more than this one (maybe I’ll run it again, but I don’t know).

As a fun run, with perhaps an after party (it’s scheduled to go from 23:00 to 02:00), what with the glow sticks and cute outfits and glow stick accessories, it’s probably a nice run. I didn’t stick around long enough to see if there was an after party.

Race Support

The one water station came too early, but since it is a there and back again course, you can opt to get it later; but then, it’s too late. At the end of the race, there were typical participation medals being handed out. I accepted mine, only because I was too tired to object. At least they look nice.

The post-race recovery food and beverage were lacking. The bananas were ok, but mine was heavily bruised or rotting at the bottom. The only beverage available was water. It seems races need to start advertising whether they are BYOSD (sports drink). Or at least, those that aren’t are missing out on a marketing opportunity. I was wishing I had brought that Vitamin Water from home after all (“they’ll have Gatorade or something; I don’t need it”).

The Crowd

While I was busy stretching, and preparing myself mentally for the race (as if I could still run it in about 17:00), there were others whose primary concern was getting their glow sticks into their Mickey Mouse ear outline, which apparently was designed for glow sticks. It almost made me feel like they were making a mockery of my sport (but no, that’s the belly I gained by not keeping it up after high school—to be fair, prescription side effects also play a large role).

After the race, people blocked the path to the water cooler and bananas as they consumed theirs. As I made a trip to the water cooler, exhausted and a little off balance, I accidentally bumped into some woman near the table. I apologized and continued to the water cooler. While waiting in line, the fella who had been conversing with her came up to me from the side and said, “Just keep moving. Trust me.”

Is this indicative of a new trend for picking up women? If so, it’s not for me. I mean, why would I want the first impression a dame gets of me to be sweaty, smelly, huffing and puffing, ridding my throat of phlegm? As an activity to do with someone I’m already in a relationship with, sure, fine. But trying to meet? I’ll pass.

Or, is it indicative of a more troublesome thing, like women being harassed at races? I’ve only gone to a few lately, so I haven’t observed it, and I’m not particularly focused on others when I’m in recovery mode (“where’s the chocolate milk? How about Gatorade? What? This is a BYOSD event?”)

The Swag Bag

Too big for it’s contents. I wish I could have opted out of getting it. It had my race number, a couple of coupons, and my shirt. I really only needed the number. I have too many race shirts. The coupons I’m not likely to use (one of which has a listed expiration of almost two years ago, but it was “erased” by a black marker). Maybe I’ll start a non-profit collecting race shirts to give to people who need disaster relief. But probably not.

So, there you have it. The SOJO Glow Run.


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