Henry Hurdles Hydrants Once Again

I took far too long a break from running, first due to stubbing my toe sufficiently hard that it hurt to run; then due to stubbing a different toe similarly, but worse. I put on weight, I lost conditioning; I worked crazy hours for months on end. But I started running again last month, despite the cold and snow. The last time I bothered running in the cold or snow was 2012.

Two weeks ago, I went running in the park the day after a snow storm, and through the snow.

Earlier that day I went for a quick run around a tree in my front yard, barefoot, just because. It was during a team social virtual meeting. I thought about putting headphones on first so I could keep listening, but decided to use it as an exercise, to see if I could pick up the thread of conversation. I don’t recall if I did, but the brief barefoot run was exhilarating.

Today was a bit warmer.

Though I wanted to take a picture from the same spot as two weeks ago, for the sake of having a good comparison between my last run (on Monday) and today, I opted not to. The spot is behind those cars in the middle left.

So how did I do? My run on Monday and today I was able to clear “the hydrant” that was the inspiration for this blog. I’m still a rabbit, starting out at 6’29” / mi.

That dip in the middle? That was when I stopped to take a picture.

My average pace was the same pace as mile one, of which 0.8 miles was uphill. Mile two took me down what I just climbed. I had a strong finish, as evidenced by my last 0.01 mile split, at 7’57” / mi.

And I’m getting the lead out, slowly, but surely, with my average pace going down (my previous 3 mile run before the 4 mile run on Feb 27 I had a pace of around 12’22” or something like that).

And finally, some notes on my playlist for future reference.


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