Not Catching Up

So, I took screenshots of many workouts, but never blogged about them. There was an eight mile run in Saint George on April 9th, with a killer uphill, and a couple of downhills so steep I couldn’t really take advantage of them or I’d kill my knees. I did half of one backwards, and part of the other using an S-weave.

There was a hill workout on April 19th that was up and down five times, with my fastest pace uphill. It really helped the pace of my next run.

On May 1st, there was a six mile run, split between city roads, trail running, country ranch roads, and open highway (with a fair bit of uphill there as well).

Today, I finally did it. I achieved a sub-10:00 average pace!

I even beat my fastest pace recorded on my phone, at 4:41 min/mile during my post-run “speed test”.

And with this achievement, I will stop blogging every run (or trying to).


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