No Hydrants Were Hurdled Today

But I did go for a 47 mile bike ride.

I packed up my jersey, purchased when I was considering doing Salt to Saint as an employee of the featured company.

And off I went. My throat started to get dry at 1.5 miles, so I went to take a drink, and realized I forgot my water. And my sunglasses again. So home, and back on the road again. I took Winchester to get to the Jordan River Trail system, which meant a fast, steep, downhill, followed by a, “I’m close enough to my parents’ house; I should stop by real quick.”

Along the JRT system, in the South end of the valley, I saw two mule deer, a red bellied bird, some lizards, and of course a lot of other birds and waterfowl.

I also rode past the location of one of my first scout camp outs. The Jordan Narrows. My first “snipe hunt” (after which I learned there is such a bird as a snipe, it just isn’t as described). But it’s fallen victim to progress. It’s now used for gravel or sand or something.

I was planning to ride 55 miles, and as I reached the half way point, I was only 7 miles from the Utah Lake Inlet, so I decided to make it to the lake. When I got there, I was beat, and out of fluid. I also clearly didn’t have enough daylight to make it home.

Utah Lake, primary source of the Jordan River

I made a call, and arranged to just keep riding south, after I replenished my fluids at a store, and my sweeper would pick me up however far south I got, with a 30 minute delay before leaving to get me. They only waited 15 minutes, which was fine because my quads were killing me. I went to Maverick and bought some Gatorade and water. As I stopped to put it in my bike bottles, some guy, who kind of looked like a coworker of mine, and was dressed up for the evening, gave me a look that seemed to me like “what are you doing here,” but probably because I thought he looked like my coworker.

Now that I was on the open road, instead of the trails, I was able to get some speed and keep it. My fastest mile was not the one where I almost hit 40 mph downhill in Taylorsville / Murray. It was along the west side of the lake, at just over 20 mph.

Green = bike ride, blue = car ride home via an Iron Strong at Roxbury.

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